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Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 – Who Wins?

“Two men enter, one man leaves.”
– Aunty Entity – Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

This is the first time in almost ten years that we are getting new gaming consoles. Console development had historically been on a five-year cycle but Microsoft and Sony changed the game (no pun intended) when they both decided to extend the console life by adding motion-like features a la the Nintendo Wii™ as well as expanding their multimedia components with partnerships with Netflix, ESPN and HBO to make game consoles about more than, well, games.

Both Sony and Microsoft have held separate events to announce and show off their new hardware. Normally this type of presentation would have been made the first day of the Electronics Entertainment Expo (aka E3) during their respective press conferences, but again, the game has changed. Now we can only guess that they will provide more details about their systems as well as showcase launch titles and other announcements to enforce their previously stated goals about taking game consoles beyond gaming.

The following infographic courtesy of visual artist, Ralph Cifra, breaks down what we know about the Xbox One and PlayStation®4.  Take a look and comment below on who you think will win the next round of console wars.


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