I heard about Naturespace for the first time exploring the halls at iWorld this past March. Their sign promoting “holographic audio” drew me in to learn more.  When I asked what holographic audio was, the rep smiled, handed me a pair of headphones and said, “Close your eyes.”

Skeptical, I gave her my version of The People’s Eyebrow and put on the headphones that immediately immersed me into an audio experience the likes I’d never seen…or rather heard.

So what is “holographic sound?”

They have a section on their web site that breaks down the process, but the high level is that instead of using fixed microphones for recording, they are recording while moving around basically allowing them to capture a full, 360-degree environmental recording. And believe me, it feels like it. When listening to water or an animal, you can feel the spatial context so that it feels like the sound is behind you or from another direction captured in great detail.

Free to download for your iOS, Windows or Android, Naturespace has a pretty robust catalog that range from a Hawaiian themed experience to a collection of thunderstorms aptly named after Norse mythology including Thor, Odin and Loki and more.  The quality of the audio is so high, that in closing your eyes, you will literally feel as if you are there.

My addictive personality has driven me to purchase all six available collections, which have 7-10 individual tracks for about the same price as a full CD. Naturespace has created the perfect audio to help you relax and wash stress away, assist in mediation or even provide background noise to help you sleep.

But don’t just take my word for it. Throw on some headphones and click over to the demo page and download the samples they have available. You will not be disappointed.

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