Guest blog by Stephanie Duchaine

I’m kind of all over the place.

Nah, not scatter brained or disorganized – I literally mean that I’m all over the place. I travel a lot, having family and close friends in Seattle and San Francisco, and work takes me all over the country.

I work primarily in tech as an on camera personality and writer. My life is spread over all kinds of gadgets, including many hard drives, two Macbook Pros, a cell phone and a tablet. Many times, I’ve found myself traveling unnecessarily with my 15” Macbook Pro (and a drive) instead of my much more portable 13” inch because that’s where a lot of my stuff lives (including most of my work life).

As a freelancer, there is always information that is important to have easily accessible. You never know when a potential (or current) employer is going to want that raw file of a video you created, your resume, or an old review that you wrote about a certain product. And as a human, you never know when you’re going to want to show someone pictures of your recent vacation, share a video of your nephew or play that new song that you’re obsessed with.

After I first saw the Seagate Central at CES, I knew I had to give it a try. I had a feeling that the Central could be the answer to organizing my scattered digital life…and I was right.

First things first – the Central is unbelievably easy to set up. There is no programming necessary or crazy steps to take, you just plug it into the power and then plug it into your router. After a few minutes, the Central is now on your network and syncing and file sharing from here on out is a breeze (whether you’re at home or on the go).

Arguably one of my favorite parts of the Central is the ability to access your info from just about anywhere via the Seagate Mobile app (available on iOS, Android and more). My work and work documents are all in one easily accessible place, no matter what device I’m on – and my pictures and videos are backed up and ready to share from anywhere. Furthermore, I can rest assured that if my phone freaks out, my computer crashes or my tablet is having a bad day, my data is safe, secure and easily accessible from the app or from

Now, behold – some real world examples of the Stephanie Duchaine pre- and post- Central era.

1) At the time of initial syncing, I had 1,413 pictures on my phone.

Back up to iPhoto (sometimes). Back up again via Time Machine. Keep on phone just in case. Wonder why phone is so slow. Realize it’s because the memory is pretty maxed out. Delete from phone. Get mad when you want to show someone a picture and realize they’re on your computer. Forget you have pictures from a certain event until 6 months later when you randomly decide to open iPhoto.

Set photos to back up on your Central. Free up that space on your device. Increase device processing speed and efficiency. Know that photos are secure. Have the same quick access via the Seagate Media app. Smile.

2) Headshot, resumes and work examples

All work lives on 15” inch work computer. 13” collects dust. Travel with hard drives, just in case. TSA loses your drive. Client requests headshot. Nothing to send. Debate sending nothing. Send sup par picture snapped via your phone. Client laughs. Lose credibility. No job booked. Can’t pay rent.

Back up resume, headshot, and all work to the Central. Travel with as many or as few gadgets as you please. Rest assured that if a client requests something, you’ve got it at your fingertips. Lose no sleep. Client requests headshot. Book the job. Spend newly acquired rent money on shoes.

The bottom line: if you’re looking for a stable hub that allows you to store and share your media and documents, then I definitely recommend checking out the Central. It’s easy and efficient to set up, sync and manage – and a definite solution to an ‘all over the place’ kind of life.

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