It’s coming and there’s no way around it. And no, I don’t mean Christmas. (Though I was in the Hallmark Store this weekend and they had ornaments up for sale.)

As we get closer to the close of summer, I’ve been getting more emails and seeing more ads trying to get me in the mindset (and the stores) to start getting ready to send my child back to school.

I’m still fortunate where my offspring will still need simple things like crayons, construction paper and safety scissors, but many of my colleagues will be shopping for the big stuff – computers, books, lamps, storage bins and eye masks (You know, for unruly roommates.)

If you haven’t prepared your shopping list already (Thanks, Good Housekeeping), take a gander at this interesting infographic below courtesy of TechBargains talking about some of the tech trends for back-to-school.

Though I couldn’t help but notice that storage wasn’t included as one of the key products. Given that a laptop was listed number one, you’d definitely want something to hold all the term papers and class notes that will be taken during the school year.

So a couple recommendations if I may:

Wireless Plus – No web, no wires, no problem. This 1TB drive can be stashed in your backpack or a deep back pocket. Built to hold movies, music, photos and any document created, you can easily stream up to 3 different devices simultaneously. After all, if you’re going to work, might as well have some fun doing it.

Seagate Central – Set it up in your dorm room and connect remotely to the device via our free Seagate Media App. With up to 4TB of space available, this bad boy will organize all your content and get you through college, graduate school and probably the first couple years of your post college job.

Seagate Slim – As thin as a pencil (wait, do people still use pencils?), this 500GB drive will protect everything you put on it, as well as automatically save photos from your social networks so you’ll be able to relive the experiences of frat hazing anytime you want.

Tech is part of our every day life, there’s no getting around it. Things have changed a bit since our forefathers went back to school, but you’re still going to need all the top tools to make the grade.  Have a great school year, kiddos!

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