Follow the Leader by Eric B. and Rakim was one of my favorite songs as a kid. I love the melody, I loved the video, and I loved the lyrics that (like most rap music, then and now) talked about how awesome the artist was. Go ahead; watch the video for a moment. I’ll wait right here.

Finished? Ok, cool.

Having been at Seagate a couple years now, much of this song applies to our business. Eric B. and Rakim understood the rules to the rap game, and we get the rules to the storage game. We also get that the need for storage is only going to increase the faster we continue on the technology bullet train.

We have a slew of products meeting pretty much every storage need possible including our SSD and SSHD line, Small Business line, external drives and much more.  We are covering cloud solutions, mobile and even have launched our Seagate Rescue and Replace ™ program that will restore your data regardless of how it was lost. This is what leaders do – create solutions solving day-to-day problems.

To continue to solidify our leadership position in the industry, we’re even branching out socially on sites like LinkedIn and groups to keep IT professionals aware of solutions we have to resolve challenges they are being faced with in today’s market.  Because a good leader doesn’t wait for a problem to arise, but instead squashes them before they can happen.

Sure, this is lot of balls to juggle, combined with a chainsaw, some torches and maybe bowling pin or two. But we got this; we’re the industry leader.

As we start looking at the sunset of 2013 and the sunrise of 2014, let me leave you with one final piece of advice from Eric B. and Rakim — You better take a deep breath and keep followin The leader.”


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