When World of Tanks came onto the scene, I was interested because I wanted something different. The idea of driving some of the most interesting behemoths ever created naturally has appeal. Throw in the amazingly detailed historical accuracy for the combat vehicles, you can’t help but admire the passion and dedication this studio has continued to establish through their 15-year pedigree.

But now that Wargaming is bringing the original recipe of “vehicular combat” to the Xbox 360, I’m out of excuses not to take the gunner seat of a Russian Churchill III and get my swerve on.

I got a chance to dabble with the game at the recent PAX Prime event. Still in its beta phase, the game feels as smooth and fluid as its PC brother. The gameplay is fast and easy to pick up so you won’t need an A in history in order to have a great experience. (Though if you did get an A, I’m sure you made mom proud.)

With enough multiplayer modes to satisfy everyone and upgrades to let the gearheads go crazy, World of Tanks 360 Edition is definitely going to bring the boom!

So having covered ground combat, you naturally would think they’d take to the “friendly” skies next. Oh hey, World of Warplanes, how are YOU doin’?

With just a few weeks remaining of its open beta, the game plays smooth, fluid so that anyone can pick up and play this aerial combat game without feeling like they will immediately crash into the side of a mountain.

Jumping into the game, you can pick your country of allegiance (U.S.A., Germany, Japan, U.S.S.R. and more to come), customize your plane selecting a vehicle from any era from the 1930’s to the Korean War, add weapons, modifying colors, etc. then jump into the fray.

Playing the game reminded me of the film, Red Tails, so I was very eager to give my foes a reminder of “That’s Why We Fight”, but sadly, I was killed first.  But that’s totally cool because before returning to my hanger, I was able to watch the dogfight from the perspective of other pilots. This was a great opportunity to see the rest of the world, and the details on other aircraft.

Regardless of my inability to fly, the controls for the game were very fluid using just a keyboard and mouse. While the hardcore may want to use a flight stick, trust me when I say you won’t need one and just like World of Tanks, Wargaming did a fantastic job of breaking the gameplay down to make World of Warplanes accessible regardless of your gaming (or flight simulation) experience.

You’ll be able to fly the “unfriendly” skies September 25th/26th (depending on your location) in World of Warplanes. Grab your goggles and your bomber jackets and get ready for a dogfight on your PC.



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