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SeagateCreative Interviews Music Producer – MP Williams

Jonathan “MP” Williams is a young producer from the Bronx, New York. His musical influences are as diverse as New York City, which speaks to the ever-changing, progressive elements of Williams’ production.

As a hungry and curious kid, Williams had a knack for music. Even though he wasn’t old enough to legally work, Williams found ways to scrape money together to invest in his first Akai MPC – a broken one, at that. He bought it from a fellow producer and paid in increments, excited to have one. The digital outputs were damaged, so MP learned to sample from “record in “inputs – teaching himself without a manual or the Internet as his guide. It’s the same MPC he used for his first placement, “Ghetto Symphony” on A$AP Rocky’s Long Live A$AP.

He uses that same MP today, finding a way to make music despite having little equipment. MP Williams is more than talented beatsmith with an unbelievable ear for arrangements and forward-pushing sounds.

His skills also include video editing and directing, including Ab-Soul’s “Black Lip Bastard” video and various work for BlowHipHopTV.

He is a co-founder and member of ReeLife, a multitalented Bronx collective, alongside his childhood friends: burgeoning artists Euro League and Doley Bernays.

He also handles the creative direction, artwork, video editing, etc. for  (incl. Doley Bernays’ breakthrough visual for “Raise Your Weapon,” premiered by MTV).

As the executive producer for both artists, MP Williams continues to earn musical acclaim from notable outlets such as XXL, Pitchfork, SPIN, Complex, The Source, VIBE, Pigeons & Planes and more.

Watch the video and get an inside look on what goes on in the head of MP Williams when in the studio.

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