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The Camera Compendium – Infographics

I love cameras. Or I suppose more accurately, I love photography. But the camera has always been a cool device. Until the smartphone craze of the last few years, the camera was the go to for capturing family photos, events, holiday memories and the awe-inspiring aspects of nature. Sorry, food porn was definitely the byproduct of the smartphone.

Cameras and storage go hand-in-hand. You make the photos; we’ll save them for you. Some things really are that simple.

Our Wireless Plus drive will allow you to take over 500 photos anywhere you want to go to access anytime you want. (Also really cool for presentations and portfolios, just sayin’.)

Seagate Central has a different, but equally compelling appeal. With up to 4TB of data that can be accessed from anywhere (hey there, Seagate Media App), the Seagate Central will allow you to get all of your photos together and share them with anyone you please whether you’re at home or abroad.

Let’s celebrate living in the memory with a brief look at various cameras through the years. Which of these did you own?

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