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Three Reasons Why Seagate’s Rescue + Replace Plan Rocks Your Socks

In case you missed the hubbub, we recently announced our Seagate Rescue + Replace Data Protection plan being available to purchase on

  1. Life Happens – Spilled coffee. Slippery fingers. Being left in a hotel. You never know when something will happen to your hard resulting in data loss. Having a warranty plan to cover this will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protected.
  2. It covers any hard drive product. This is the only data service plan brought to you by the manufacturer of data devices. Seagate is so confident in this plan, it covers everyone – whether you’ve bought a Seagate drive or not.
  3. It’s affordable. Whether it’s a 2-year plan for $29.99 or a 3-year plan for 39.99, this won’t break the bank. You buy plans for big-ticket purchases such as televisions or an oven, so why wouldn’t you buy one to protect your work, your creativity, and your memories.

Trust me, it’s worth it.

Like the announcement said, the hard cost of recovering data from a damaged drive can hit the thousands. For the price of a trip to the movies for two, we’ll make sure that everything you ever save will be protected and there when you need it.

It’s a digital world we live in. Can you really afford NOT to have Seagate Rescue + Replace in your corner?

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