“History never repeats, I tell myself before I go to sleep.” – Split Enz, 1981

One of the interesting things about working for a storage company is how much more you pay attention to history. The idea of saving something is always top of mind be it photographs, music, movies, or documents.  Basically, what are our memories – the things that we cherish and want to hold onto for sake of sentiment or nostalgia. Storage plays a critical role in documenting the past, especially as we continue to exist in a digital age. Archives transition from old mediums to new and storage plays a crucial part in that so we can look back on our world history the way we look back on our personal history.

Since the rise of social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, have made it easy to keep track of current events and life happenings of friends and family. But there are a few interesting accounts that are blending social media and history in a unique way – by socializing past historical events to today’s current audience.

I won’t deny that I would have found this awesome if I was still in school, maybe better than Cliff Notes. There are several different accounts you can follow depending on your historical interests including updates for the rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire, the American Revolution, World War II and events closer in history such as the 1992 LA Riots and 9/11.

Check out the full article on Make Use Of by Nancy Messieh to read about other accounts you can follow and join in on the historical action.  The song by Split Enz says that “history never repeats”, but in this case, I think it’ll be okay.


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