The Locusts’ Justin Pearson took some time with during FUN FUN FUN Fest last month to talk about creativity and the types of musicians that influence him. Check it out!

Seagate Creative: What inspires you – or what is it that you find you draw inspiration from?

The Locust: I think I draw inspiration from areas that normally would not be considered inspiration. The ideas I stumble upon are just about anything from the world, which I live in, to how my mind works, partially due to that world.

Recently I figured out how to whistle vibrato and have been tracking whistling tracks for a film score I am working on. The whistling came from singing and me whistling to my dog, to reading an interview about Sir Paul McCartney discuss whistling on a recent recording he did.

Seagate Creative: Do you have a particular ritual you follow in order to become inspired?

The Locust: Yes, NPR.

Seagate Creative: Who inspires you? Is there someone you can think of that has influenced you in a particular way?

The Locust: Artists who have had no proper education typically influence me. Artists who push boundaries, for lack of a better explanation, also influence me. As far as naming people, I would say any of the following Diamanda Galas, Mike Patton, John Lydon, WT Nelson, Ichirou Agata, etc.

Seagate Creative: How do you decide if an idea’s worth pursuing?

The Locust: It’s as simple as just liking it.

Seagate Creative: Do The Locusts have a process for collaborating on the songwriting process?

The Locust: Depends on the project, album, and players. But I tend to always work as equals with my comrades.

Seagate Creative: Walk us through your process for recording in the studio?

The Locust: Studio stuff all depends on what the project is. I have done anything from complete analog sessions, to all digital stuff where I have never even met the others who are involved. But the processes are constantly evolving and I am constantly learning.

Seagate Creative: Do you have any rules while in the studio? Anything that’s “forbidden?”

The Locust: As far as rules, I suppose honestly would be the main thing. I suppose forbidden stuff would be anything from being an asshole and letting egos get in the way.

Seagate Creative: When making your last record, did you encounter any creative blocks?

The Locust: Not really. I think forcing stuff is probably the worst idea. If it sucks, stop.

Seagate Creative: Which piece of gear is your favorite for sparking creativity?

The Locust: My bass and my Schuman PLL.

Seagate Creative: What do you love about it?

The Locust:  I like the bass because it’s just an instrument that fits and plays perfect for what I try to do. The PLL because it’s just an amazing piece of gear.

SeagateCreative: How has your choice of gear evolved since you first started in music?

The Locust: I learned more about equipment and got better at what I was doing.

Seagate Creative: When you look for a collaborator to help on a project, what kind of person do you look for?

The Locust: I try to always work with artists who have soul.

Seagate Creative: During the recording process, what’s a telltale sign that you’ve created something special?

The Locust: I guess when it’s something that I am proud of and think it’s the best that I could have done.

Seagate Creative: What role does storage play in your creative work?

The Locust: Storing sessions, transferring material from computers, or when traveling. Also as a means of backing up what is on a computer.

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