Retox formed in Southern California in 2010 and released their debut album, Ugly Animals via Ipecac in 2011. Their new album is titled YPLL and is now available. During the recent FUN FUN FUN Fest we had a chance to chat with Mike Crain from Retox about the inspirational blessings that come from a cup of coffee.

SeagateCreative: What’s a creative idea you had recently that surprised you?

Retox: The most surprising idea I’ve recently had while writing a song was to let a total mistake be used as an important transition between parts. It is typically something I wouldn’t normally do so it turned out to be different and awesome sounding. It gave the overall feel of the song an 80’s trash sound. It’s perfect. Sometimes the best ideas are mistakes.

SeagateCreative: To get the creative juices’ going is there anything you guys do for inspiration to get into the zone?

Retox: Drinking lots of coffee before rehearsal.

SeagateCreative: How do you decide if an idea’s worth pursuing?

Retox: The only real way to decide if an idea’s worth pursuing is to execute the idea then give it a good listen. If it flows and sounds rad then I see it through. If it doesn’t than it’s back to the drawing board.

SeagateCreative: During the recording process, do you think there is a telltale sign that you’ve created something special?

Retox: I’m not sure that I’ve ever created anything that special. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

SeagateCreative: What role do Seagate hard drives in your creative work?

Retox: So far I’ve used the Backup Plus Portable Drive and at a studio I’ve recorded at they were using the same drive but with the Thunderbolt datasheet.

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