Data consumption is growing at an alarming rate. Well, maybe not alarming for a company like Seagate, this is kind of what we plan for. But for the general consumer or business, is Big Data a big deal?


This infographic courtesy of Integra highlights some interesting points in the world of big data that shouldn’t be ignored.

Big Data analytics is great for business that can leverage this information for better consumer targeting. And if we’re going to be honest, we all want advertising that caters to us making us feel like I’m the only one that matters to that company.

But we aren’t completely there yet. Some companies, like Netflix, are leveraging Big Data for a better consumer experience. But it’s still “new” and a bit of an uncharted mountain to scale.

Check out the infographic below where you can see some of the peaks and valleys about Big Data and how Integra thinks it can be managed.


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