Who doesn’t like French fries? It’s one of the best finger foods ever created.  I have no issue sharing food with friends, but if there is one thing that will test that friendship it’s when you ask me for some of my fries.  One of the things that make them such a flawless delicacy is how portable they are.

Just of like our Backup Plus Fast HD.

Announced at CES earlier this month, the Backup Plus Fast hard drive gives you twice the capacity and twice the speed of any other drive currently available.  4TB to take with you anywhere so you can have your music, photos and movies accessible anytime or if you’re a photographer or musician, you can keep your work at the ready for any situation.

Plus with the Seagate Mobile App, you can backup your data on the go.  So if you’re out and about and found the most tantalizing looking that has to be shared, you can snap the shot and upload it to your Backup Plus Fast device on the spot for future use.

Bottom line?

What more could you want?

Oh, right, sorry – you’ll have to buy the French fries separately.   =)

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