The countdown to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is ticking like the last few minutes of each episode of 24.  (Click here for the full effect).

Seagate attends a number of shows throughout the year, but CES is the launch pad for our year and sets the tone for things to come. Last year, we announced the award winning Seagate Central and Wireless Plus and this year, you can be sure we’ll have more tricks up our sleeve not just from us, but from LaCie as well.

We have a lot of content planned for you with our usual mix of announcements and blogs including videos courtesy of Sarah Austin directly from our space at the Vdara Hotel and the show floor and a contest during the week of the show where you can win items including a GoPro camera, an iPad Mini or other Seagate products.

And let me give the tease now that we have an amazing CES site that you’ll want to bookmark when it’s live to keep up to date on all things happening from us during the show and follow the #SeagateCES tag on Twitter.

CES is a rocket ride of news, photos and videos of all things tech. When you look back in days of yore of announced products including the VCR (1970), the Nintendo Entertainment System (1985), HDTV (1998), Blu-Ray (2003) and 3D TV (2011), you never know what to expect – you just know it’s going to be awesome.

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