What’s the big deal about having your own cloud? There’s a lot of talk about having your own personal cloud so you can access your content anywhere or anytime.

Well, honestly, that is the big deal. I don’t want you to shrug your shoulders and stop reading just yet because I answered the question but take a moment to think about it.

We make a lot of products for a lot of different needs. The Backup Plus Slim is good for students or Joe Coworker.  Backup Plus Fast is ideal for the creative and Wireless Plus is designed for the media enthusiast.

But there’s that personal cloud thing – for that, we have Seagate Central.

Seagate Central is the prefect answer to the question of “is having a personal cloud a big deal?” giving you the ability to access your content whenever you want, but still being able to see a physical device to give you peace of mind that your photos or music is not just up in the “ether”.

Storing up to 4TB, with Seagate Central, you can

With Seagate Central as your personal cloud, there’s nothing to stop you from getting it all together. And who doesn’t want that?


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