Ever find yourself in a cleaning frenzy?

I just did. In the process of trying to “clear my head” to write some blogs, I realized I couldn’t concentrate because of all the clutter around my desk. Tasks lists, business cards, Nerf darts (don’t ask), bubble gum packs – I swear, it was like the bedroom of a teenage boy.  I had to get it together.

That little catchphrase got me thinking about Seagate Central – the perfect solution for the same situation.

I don’t know about you, but my digital life could also you use some, well, centralizing. I have three computers I use on a pretty regular basis, as well as a tablet, a smartphone and sometimes when he’s not looking, my son’s smartphone. (Again, don’t ask.)

Seagate Central would really be handy when it comes to my music. I’ve amassed quite the collection since sometime in the late 90’s (when hip hop music was at it’s finest) and sadly; I don’t have all my stuff together in the same place. Having Spotify or another streaming music service is handy, but they all aren’t created equal and sometimes don’t have that one-hit wonder song I’m looking for. This makes me the perfect candidate for a Seagate Central so that I can have access to my music anytime, from anywhere – my own personal cloud.

And don’t let me get started on photographs. Central is also perfect to put all the pictures of my son, The Franchise, in one place for his grandparents to access – especially now that my parents are “tablet trained.”

I know it won’t be the most pleasant of tasks to pull all this stuff together. It’s like trying to clean out the garage. You don’t want to do it, but know it needs to be done. But when you’re finished, you can’t beat that feeling of accomplishment.

If you have a slew of music, photos or even documents all over the place like I do, buy the Seagate Central. It’s the best solution to get everything together for anytime/anyplace access.

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