Coffee or Tea?
iPhone or Android?
McDonald’s or…actually anything with a bit more je ne said quoi applies here.

It’s great to have options because not only does it help the general economy thrive, but it also allows you to make your selection for a product based as much on what you need as well as what you want?

Seagate makes hard drives to accommodate both need and want. Whether you want a drive that’s slim, fast, big or a little bit of everything.

Let me break it down for you.

Seagate Slim – 1TB that you can easily fit in your back pocket to go anywhere.

Backup Plus – Up to 2TB that’s an easy-to-use solution for everyday use.

Backup Plus Fast  – 4TB of portable power that performs at 2X the speed of other hard drives.

Seagate Wireless Plus – A 1TB wireless powerhouse that built for the media fan of film, music and photographs.

Seagate Central – Store up to 4TB that will allow you to access all of your content from anywhere at any time through the Seagate Media App.

And this is just some of our external drives. When you want an internal drive, you can pick from our SSD or SSHD line for which are built for speed or the Seagate Laptop Ultrathin HDD for a device that’s thin and light with a high capacity.

And don’t even get me started on small business solutions – I’m quickly running out of space.

Whatever you need, whatever you want, Seagate has the ideal storage solution for you that will keep your content safe, protected and accessible at a moment’s notice. Like I said, isn’t it great to have options?

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