As you’ll read below, Kate Earl is no stranger to music having started playing the piano at three years old. The young singer nursed the dream to lead a musician’s life in between shifts at her parent’s small-town gas station in Chugiak, Alaska, and right now is making her dreams come true working on her fourth album, Ransom. Just before jetting off to beautiful Jamaica to record, we were able to talk with Kate about the creative process, music and inspiration.  Check it out!

SeagateCreative: What inspired you to become a musician?

Kate Earl:  A music box. I was very little, fascinated with the fact that you turn key and sound was produced by these little tines hitting in rotation of space and time. They looked like fingers and that’s when I connected that I could make sound on a piano in time and by understanding the space between notes. I figured out how to teach myself to play by ear. I remember the first time I went to play piano. It just made sense. How it worked felt familiar. The space between the notes kept by my fingers. I taught myself Mary Had a Little Lamb at the age of 3. 

SeagateCreative: What is your favorite song (yours or by someone else) to sing?

Kate Earl: Of mine Angel, which will be released on Ransom. I sing it every night for Hank to get to sleep. And of others probably Mama Cass Dream A Little Dream of Me. Bedtime is my favorite gig of all.

SeagateCreative: When writing a song, do you have any particular “rituals” to get you going?

Kate Earl: I light candles. White candles. I think candlesticks and candelabras are super romantic.

SeagateCreative: How do you overcome a creative block?

Kate Earl:  I take a bath. With crystals, oils and herbs of various healing powers.

SeagateCreative: What or who inspires you creatively and why?

Kate Earl: Nina Simone. She was a mother who did profound things and managed to gift the world without compromise to her soul or her art.

SeagateCreative: When recording a song, what’s a telltale sign that you’ve created something special?

Kate Earl: When people get it stuck in there heads and they are happy to keep singing it.

SeagateCreative: What role did storage play in making your last album, Stronger?

Kate Earl: On tour with Matchbox Twenty, I took footage for a documentary and we saved it all to a Seagate drive.

I’m currently recording a double album at Geejam Studio’s in Jamaica and I’ve got a Seagate 4TB Back Up Plus Desktop Drive to keep all entire body of work on. We are recording live, all of vocals as well, so the sessions are pretty big.

SeagateCreative: What’s next for Kate Earl?

Kate Earl: A spring release of my new album, Ransom. It’s a double record that we will be releasing in stages. I want to be able to support the music with a visual so it makes sense for the fans to get a well-rounded taste of the art as a whole.

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