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I sat here looking at this blank document for a long time. I won’t say exactly how long in case the boss is reading, but suffice to say, I was struggling with a writer’s block. So I did what I normally do and web surfed a bit for inspiration and stumbled upon a Twitter tool that will track your first tweet. Ironically, It’s called First-Tweet.

Mine was 6 years ago, so when it comes to social media, there are moments where I feel like an O.G.

But with web surfing being the rabbit hole it is and with me thinking about something to write, seeing my first tweet (trust me, it’s nothing exciting) reminded me of why storage is important – to save what we care about.

My hard drive is full of photos, music, a movie or two and of course works stuff. I have a word document of every blog I’ve ever written in the time I’ve worked for Seagate and if I dig deep enough, probably for a few jobs before this.

It’s important for us to make good, solid products because the content you create, whatever it is, is important to you. You made it so you should save it, and back it up with a second copy. As we continue in this technological age, being able to look back is only going to become more important because doing so shapes us and helps us remember where we were and where we are going.

My tweets have somewhat evolved from that first post in June 2007 about my checkbook; at least I’d like to think so. I’ve made many friends through social media and have shared many experiences both real and virtual – many of which are captured on a hard drive somewhere.  Sometimes it’s nice to take a moment and look back. The icing on the cake is having a solid, reliable hard drive to help me do it.

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