This will probably be the easiest contest you’ve ever entered!

Everyone has a comment to make about a video they see and this time we’re going to reward you for it.

Every weekday during SXSW we’re going to pick one random comment on our artist videos to win the following:

First, visit SeagateCreative and register with your email address.

Once locked in, head over to the video gallery and leave your genuine, heartfelt feedback about the video. Want to earn more entries? Then comment under more videos.

It is THAT simple, but a few quick guidelines.

  1. Comments must be more than two words.
  2. Comments must be relevant to the video. (That means no asking for tech support. We have a separate page for that.)
  3. One comment per video. But go ahead, make it as long as you like. Just no spamming, ok? And don’t be rude or mean!

The contest runs from now (March 10th) until March 17th for US residents 18+. So get busy, trooper!  We’re looking forward to reading what you have to say.

Oh, and if you have no idea what Daytrotter is, it’s a highly influential music curator and the premier online source for independent music with over 20 million downloads to date. Seagate helps enable Daytrotter’s 7-day live recording studio to record 4-song sessions for more than 30 bands in town for the festival this week, streamed live from Austin, and made available on-demand thereafter. Daytrotter releases the sessions online as they are mixed.


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