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What You WON’T See at E3 This Week (or Will You?)

Can you ever really be ready for a show like the Electronic Entertainment Expo?  As I referenced in this post, it’s a big question on whether the Xbox® One is still a viable gaming platform as opposed to the multimedia powerhouse it’s become since its release last Fall.  This year, expect to see some games. Expect to see and hear the audio and video that both Xbox and PlayStation®4 have been touting.

Given the nature of the industry, we can expect to see new entries in existing franchises such as Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed, Forza and of course Madden NFL for all you sports fans. But like most gamers, I’ll want more.

One gripe I’ve had with the video game industry (and Hollywood for that matter) for some time is I feel it’s missing originality. If you want something really creative or innovative that isn’t a “wash, rinse, repeat” of the previous iteration, you almost have to look towards independent developers (and filmmakers to keep my Hollywood reference legit.)  I’m hoping to see more games like Limbo and Contrast. Games that give tech and gameplay a bit of a twist.

Naturally, I get that the video game business is exactly that, a business. The top hits continue to sell because the gamers keep buying them. But at what point is updating a roster or adding new maps and weapons not enough?

I hope there are some surprises this year that will really leverage the power these next generation systems have under the hood. I hope that they are able to bring the fun back to gaming for all ages.

It’s going to be an exciting (and crazy) week at E3. Be sure to check out video coverage of the show courtesy of our friends at The Gamer Access.

Are you ready for E3? You better be.


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