One way or another, we’ve all grown up around comics. And no, I don’t mean comedians. I’m talking about the magazines with colorful characters in bright costumes with amazing powers who made the world a safe place from the maniacal tyrant who wanted to rule the world. If you didn’t read comics at any point in your life, you probably knew someone that did — and you were certainly exposed via TV and movies.

In case pop culture isn’t your thing (which I find hard to believe, but it happens) San Diego Comic Con took place last week. If you’re not familiar with the event (which is still shockingly possible), it’s the mega-event of the season for movies, TV, art, animation and of course, comics.

Don’t let the “Comic Con” name fool you. In recent years it’s really exploded as a show about consumer entertainment more than just comic books. In fact, sad but true, the smallest section of the show is the one where you can go and buy comic books.  While comics are still the soul of the show and remain a big draw for publishers like Marvel, DC Comics, Image and BOOM! Studios, it’s also overrun with toy manufacturers (Hasbro Lego), media outlets (Nerdist, IGN), and a slew of other companies that relate to the entertainment industry. It’s a fantastic show where celebrities and other key influencers come out to play and showcase their latest works or projects in development.

The show itself has a slew of news and announcements made during the 5-day event. If you’re not careful, you can miss something.  As a comic fan, one thing that stood out that felt almost like a whisper amongst the entire ruckus was the announcement that Comixology now allows DRM-Free backup for books purchased through participating publishers. Whether you’re a fan or a collector, this is a pretty big deal. So far, Image Comics was the only company I’ve seen this available for.  What this means is that you can save your books in PDF or CBZ format and access them from anywhere at any time…including on Seagate Wireless Plus or Seagate Central. Both of these products are ideal for hosting all of your favorite media content, made accessible through our Seagate Media App. With 2-4TB capacity (depending on the device), you won’t have to worry about deleting content from your tablet or smartphone to make space for new books. Go ahead and fill ‘em up. I dare you!

Another Comic-Con has come and gone confirming that it’s an exciting time to be a geek. Whether you’re a fan of film, collector of original art or someone who loves comics, we embrace you and love to make products that you can store your “passion” on.  Storage for life? Sure. Geeks for life? Definitely!

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