Talking about organization during the summer almost feels like a paradox. On one hand, you want to relax, goof off and enjoy the warm weather doing as little as possible. On the other, it’s a great opportunity to use the extra time (assuming such a thing exists) to get some of the less organized aspects of your life together.

While credit goes to Greatest for putting this infographic together, let’s also give a shout out to Chastity Irizarry of Chastity Inc. for putting this on my radar.

Earlier this year, we talked a good deal about digital organization so it’s great to see how this is theme is resonating outside the Seagate walls.  Some of the things we highlighted were:

We’ve got a slew of amazing products that would be a big help when it comes to digital organization including Wireless Plus, Seagate Central, Backup Plus Slim and Backup Plus Desktop. In the “Age of Technology”, it’s kind of a thing.

The information in the infographic below touches on some of this as well as takes it a few levels further with home organization, social media organization and even how best to organize your purse/briefcase.

Everyone can do with a little less clutter in his or her lives, digitally or otherwise.  Check out the graphic below for some great tips on getting your life together and feel free to leave some of your own tips for better organization.

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