I can’t be the only one who’s wondered this at some time, right? Don’t leave me hanging, people. You’re just like me where you find an interesting article, see something related that you click on, then 2-3 hours later, you realize you’ve gone down the rabbit hole of the world wide web and you were just trying to find an interesting recipe for bacon infused waffles.

So being the inquisitive type, I was able to find an infographic online that answers this exact question – and thusly explaining why the rabbit hole of the web is so alluring. But what is cooler about this graphic is how it translates the web into physical size. The results may surprise you.

The Internet is a big deal and isn’t going away anytime soon and when you personalize it with your photos, music or videos, it becomes something of your very own. Which makes having a backup plan with offline, external storage very handy.  As big as your space on the Internet gets, Seagate will always have the right device to back it up for you.



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