“A sudden reminder of the past. This can be brought about by hearing a song from high school. Similar to a flashback.” – Urban Dictionary

Social Media has made the throwback more iconic than sports uniforms from days of yore. Throwback Thursday has become ritualistic where people and companies alike will post an old image of from days long gone. Why?

Because nostalgia is awesome.

There’s something about taking a look back at where we’ve been that does something to us at our core. Maybe life was more simple, the family smaller. Maybe the company was still a scrappy startup versus a multimillion-dollar conglomerate. The clothes, the music, the movies, and the memories – all of these ingredients are part of the recipe that makes a throwback enjoyable.

Expedia is doing something interesting with the Throwback Thursday concept by having a #ThrowMeBack contest. One lucky winner will have the opportunity to go back to a location where a photo was originally taken so they can re-create it.  Watch the video below to learn more about how one family is going from Washington to San Diego to re-create a day at the beach from the 80’s.

Whether you realize it or not, storage plays a major part in Throwback Thursday. It’s why we will often take part in the weekly ritual. All your old photos are somewhere, right, be it in some photo box where you have to use your scanner or smartphone to digitize the image or maybe you’re still “young” enough to have a Flickr or other online account where your photos are already available online. Either way, the more photos you make, the storage you’re intrinsically already using- and the more you’re going to need to back them up.

With Seagate Central, backing up your photos for anytime/anywhere access is easy. You can store up to 4TB of your throwbacks (or music, movies and documents) with the ability to access them anywhere through our Seagate Media app.

Expedia’s contest is a clever way to get us to embrace our nostalgia. Who doesn’t have a picture from an old family vacation or experience where it’d be fun to recapture that moment? I have a sister who talks about campgrounds she visited as a child who I’ll send this to, so see can enter and maybe have her own “Throw Me Back” experience.

And that’s what makes Seagate Central perfect for Throwback Thursday. It’s your own personal cloud where you can preserve all your memories to take a stroll down memory lane anytime you feel the urge.

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