It’s here! Depending on whom you ask, it’s been here for a couple weeks. What’s “it?”  Well, it’s that time year where summer quickly starts to wind down and the focus shifts to back-to-school.

It’s like Christmas. You know it’s coming, but it still just sneaks up on you.  One day, we’re playing outside enjoying the sun then you start feeling the transition.

But kids aren’t the only ones returning to the classroom, parents are too.  Regardless of the age of your child, you are going through the process with them whether it’s a new school, existing school or even sending them off to college.  Just as kids have to prepare for early alarm clocks, homework and after school sports, parents have to prepare as well.

For me, this is as simple as making sure that my camera is ready.  To say I’m an active father is probably an understatement. I have been spending the last few years preserving the life of my child so that when he’s of age, I can transfer my memories of his youth to him and pass it on.  Which reminds me, I’ll need to clear some storage space for the coming year. Between extra-curricular activities, field trips, new friends, artwork and science projects and who knows what else, I can get a little “photo happy.”

As you head into the back-to-school season, it’s easy to remember to pickup the essentials like books and backpacks. But a hard drive to save homework on as well as photos of the class parties (yes, that’s a good term for it) is equally essential.  And we all know how easy it is to lose a thumb drive, right?

So what’s in your backpack?

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