Smartphones are now a major part of our society. Obviously some countries utilize these devices more than others, but no matter what restaurant, movie theater, mall, park, sporting event or even just a normal, stay-at-home social gathering, the smartphone is at the center of attention.  If aliens are observing us, they may think that we worship these handheld computers. Well that, or maybe cats.

Regardless, these devices are becoming more powerful every iteration and the data consumption (and data plans) are evolving to match the pace of growth.

And who can blame us? The smartphone has given us so many conveniences whether it’s entertainment, information, accessibility or even its initial purpose – communication.

But is there a cost? Qualcomm seems to think so based on the infographic below. This pretty picture highlights not only the projected growth of smartphone devices, but also the rising data usage and content estimates as well.

I don’t know about you, but looking at this graphical breakdown for network accessibility makes a device like our Wireless Plus drive even more imperative. You don’t need to stream your content when you can instead just take it with you and access it through our Seagate Media app.

What do you think of the steady increase of digital data?

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