Sometimes, technology fails us. My phone will often reboot itself for no reason whatsoever. I won’t rule out it having a mind of its own.

According to the infographic below, the same could be said for hard drives.  The graphic gives some interesting stats on hard drive crashes vs. hardware malfunctions and “accidents” but when you’re in the heat of the moment having suffered a hard drive failure, it’s a safe assumption you don’t care about how many other people this happens to…just that it’s happened to you.

Well, this is kind of what makes our Seagate Rescue and Replace program so epic.  What is Seagate Rescue and Replace? (You’re kidding right? I’ll pretend you were taking a trek in the Amazon.)

Short version – if something happens to your drive, we’ll fix it. We’ll recover your lost data and give it back to you.  You can even watch this video for a full breakdown. (Go ahead, I’ll wait.)

Pretty awesome, right?

Basically it doesn’t matter what happens to your drive, with Seagate Rescue and Replace, we got you covered and you can relax about not having lost pictures, music, movies or some other file that we won’t talk about here.

Peace of mind. That’s how you have a great weekend. TGIF, friends!

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