10 Facts You Should Know About Super Bowl Ad Overload – Infographic

I always have to prepare myself when people find out I’m not that big into football.  In the spirit of maintaining my audience, I won’t give all the details into why, but one reason is I just tend to be more into basketball for the pacing and action. Plus, I love how the NBA handles […]

The NBA All-Stars Take a Break…Sort Of

February has been a pretty active month. We started off with the Super Bowl, went straight to the GRAMMY Awards, this weekend is NBA All-Star Weekend and we’ll cap it off with the Oscars.  I should be tired, but I’m not. This makes for a very exciting time and anyone who knows me knows how […]

Basketball – My Love of the Game

Basketball has always been my favorite sport. I won’t date myself by stating publically when I first got into it but I will say that it was during a time where one of the greatest battles were taking place yearly between a team in green and a team in gold. It is consistently one of […]