10 Facts You Should Know About Super Bowl Ad Overload – Infographic

I always have to prepare myself when people find out I’m not that big into football.  In the spirit of maintaining my audience, I won’t give all the details into why, but one reason is I just tend to be more into basketball for the pacing and action. Plus, I love how the NBA handles […]

Unplugged: Could the power outage at the Super Bowl have caused data loss on SSDs?

Most people fully understand that electronics are useless without power, but what happens when devices lose power in the middle of operating? That answer is highly dependent on a number of variables including what type of electronic device is in question. For solid state drives (SSDs) the ...

The NBA All-Stars Take a Break…Sort Of

February has been a pretty active month. We started off with the Super Bowl, went straight to the GRAMMY Awards, this weekend is NBA All-Star Weekend and we’ll cap it off with the Oscars.  I should be tired, but I’m not. This makes for a very exciting time and anyone who knows me knows how […]

Even the Super Bowl Stores Data – Infographic

This Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers will face off against the Baltimore Ravens in what is going to be Ray Lewis’ last game.  And while I don’t follow football to the extent of my friends & colleagues, I am glad that if he’s going to retire, he can do so after having taken his team […]