Is Having a Personal Cloud a Big Deal?

What’s the big deal about having your own cloud? There’s a lot of talk about having your own personal cloud so you can access your content anywhere or anytime. Well, honestly, that is the big deal. I don’t want you to shrug your shoulders and stop reading just yet because I answered the ...

5 Reasons Why the “I” in Image Comics Stands for “Incredible”

It’s not a secret that I’m a comic book fan. I’ve loved reading them since I was a wee lad, and I’ll use this platform to talk about the creativity behind them whenever I feel like tickling my fancy.  When Image Comics launched in 1992 with the top creators of the time, it was new, […]

Seagate Prepares for CES 2014

The countdown to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is ticking like the last few minutes of each episode of 24.  (Click here for the full effect). Seagate attends a number of shows throughout the year, but CES is the launch pad for our year and sets the tone for things to come. Last year, we ...

3 Must Have Products for Any Santa

Depending on your research, Santa Claus has been around for a couple hundred years. He’s the spiritual essence of HR keeping tabs on our annual performance with his “Naughty/Nice” lists. But how does a guy like that track all his data? How does he manage to keep records of behavior as well as ...

Seagate Shows Product Depth at Middle East Show

—By June Coates Seagate showcased its full range of storage solutions last month at the Middle East’s biggest tech show. The GITEX Technology Week, which ran Oct. 20-24 at Dubai’s World Trade Center, drew more than 139,000 attendees from 144 countries. Seagate demonstrated its Enterprise Turbo ...

Should You Care About the iPad Air?

Regardless of whether you love or hate Apple, you can’t fault their consistency for putting out regular, high demand products.  Yesterday’s announcements about the new iPad Mini and iPad Air had everyone buzzing with excitement…or did they? Here’s my take – it’s nice that once a year, Apple ...

Why Size Doesn’t Matter

The short answer? Portable storage.  But let me tell you why. I’ve been keeping an eye on the slow demise of BlackBerry over the last few years and especially in recent weeks. Their downfall has allowed Microsoft to claim the very distant number three position in the smartphone space. In ...

“Follow the Leader” – Eric B. and Rakim Said it Best

Follow the Leader by Eric B. and Rakim was one of my favorite songs as a kid. I love the melody, I loved the video, and I loved the lyrics that (like most rap music, then and now) talked about how awesome the artist was. Go ahead; watch the video for a moment. I’ll wait […]

Technology for Back-to-School

It’s coming and there’s no way around it. And no, I don’t mean Christmas. (Though I was in the Hallmark Store this weekend and they had ornaments up for sale.) As we get closer to the close of summer, I’ve been getting more emails and seeing more ads trying to get me in the mindset […]

New Life. New Drive. See How Seagate Heats Up the Summer

“I can’t believe July is almost over!” one of my colleagues said aloud. I thought the same thing as I was sitting in a meeting where we were talking about our Back-to-School plans for the year.  Time is a funny thing because it really does “fly.” Since time passes in the blink of an eye, […]

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